Story So Far (Owen)
14 Years Old, Unbound and Hacking

We begin with Owen Crossbones hacking in his parents’ basement. He notices a clamor in his kitchen and ascends to find a tall, skinny man crouching in his kitchen. This is Beau. Beau asks Owen for help in finding his way around. Owen readily agrees and snags the keys to his mom’s SUV. As they leave a ruckus is heard from within the kitchen and human shapes are seen pouring from the house as Owen squeals off into the distance.

As they drive Beau seems to get his bearings somehow and starts guiding Owen towards something, making references to an insistent ringing noise. After being touched by Beau a few times Owen starts to hear the ringing himself and soon they come across the trigger, glowing and so alluring. As a car comes screaming around the corners towards them Beau touches the trigger, and everything goes black.

Then yellow.

Then black. Then bright white. Then black. Suddenly the party’s is ankle deep in a pink goo, and the world is featureless except for bare dirt hills and a pink goo everywhere. Beau sighs resignedly “Earth 24 again. I hate this place. Come on, I know where to go and we have to hurry.” Owen follows without question and Beau touches the closest trigger sending the party to No-Telecom World. He identifies it as Earth 25 and relaxes as his Danger Sense has finally eased. Owen looks around and tries to access the internet but finds nobody seems to have any phones or any other form of telecommunication. They eventually spend the night in an abandoned house and then shift in the morning.

They arrive in Hi-Tech (TL/9.5) World, which Beau doesn’t seem to recognize. At this point he’s snappish to any of Owen’s questions, leading Owen to hack an ATM for cash and then rent a hotel room for the night. As he prepares for sleep he searches on the InfoNet idly for potentially neat toys and discovers that this world has just produced it’s first Fusion Cell Powersuit, and it’s on display in the UN Army Relations Center 3 blocks away…


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